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Exterior Wall Decorating Ideas and Techniques

Exterior wall lighting is more effective and challenging to install than you would think. It has the potential to alter your perception of a floor, if not your entire home, and it is not easy to do. There are specific ways that are useful to employ in order to get whatever visible impression you choose on your wall or outside your home.

Wall-washing is a technique for illuminating large partitions and wall decors with even lighting dispersion. This approach has the primary effect of flattening rough surfaces. This is why it’s strategically employed to hide flaws in walls and to illuminate certain artworks, hanging decorations, cupboards, and stairwells. Wall-washing should not be used on textured or glossy partitions unless you want a flattened floor effect or some form of bouncing reflection. If you find that you require more illumination, you should place more lights closer together for more even and powerful lighting.

Grazing, like wall-washing, aims to provide a decent lighting spread on walls while preserving the beauty of textured walls and surfaces. LED wall lights are illuminators that may produce a great grazing effect. LEDs are low-energy approaches, so you may leave them lighting up your brick wall for a number of hours every night without your conscience bothering you. When employed with this lighting effect, bricks, stucco, dark stones, and other rustic barriers are emphasized.

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