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The Interior of a Simple Stilt House that is Stylish and Neat

Stilt houses are one of the most common designs in flood-prone and earthquake-prone areas. Despite its resemblance to ancient structures, this stilt house still survives today. What is the significance of the term “earthquake resistant”? Because the pit sits beneath the floor, it provides an area for vibration energy to be released from the ground, with only a small portion of it propagating to the physical house. But, of course, this is adjusted to meet the building’s requirements. Houses on stilts are still popular since they are less expensive to construct. See the following review of The Interior of a Simple Stilt House that is Stylish and Neat for people who are interested.

The design of this stilt house is straightforward, with a general form that utilizes a sturdy base at the bottom. The façade is made to look natural by combining wood and bamboo. Even with a towering building structure, the design of the fence on the exterior of this property will provide extra security and is not dangerous if you have little children.

This house has a wood floor and walls and a roof made of gorgeous woven bamboo. Taking full advantage of the space, this terrace is set up as a relaxing lounge, complete with wooden chairs that can seat 3-4 people. For guests who are still abroad, this area can also be used as an outdoor living room.

With the remaining portion of the terrace, the owner came up with a new idea by establishing a pleasant space on the floor that was devoid of chairs. This space has a tiny carpet, a table, and small couches to make lounging with family more comfortable. This house is also furnished with cloth curtains around the patio, which makes it even more intriguing. Its purpose is to create privacy as well as a shady atmosphere.

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